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-====== Braue Reverse ====== 
-This sleight was reported in //​[[http://​​display/​13200/​Phoenix+251+300/​58|The Phoenix]]// No. 264, September 1952, p. 1055, to have been published by Clyde Cairy before Braue put it into //​[[http://​​display/​20229/​The+Royal+Road+to+Card+Magic/​201|The Royal Road to Card Magic]]// (1948, p. 191). There, Braue makes no claim to the sleight. It is merely called "​Fourth Method"​. However, somewhere shortly after the appearance of the Hugard and Braue book, his name became attached to this reverse. Where and why have yet to be ascertained,​ as does the identity of the reported Cairy trick that reportedly predated //The Royal Road//.