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Cannibal Cards

This Lin Searles trick was first advertised by Owen Brothers in The Linking Ring, Vol. 39 No. 3, May 1959, p. 131.

Ed Marlo claims that the basis of the non-gaffed Cannibal Card vanishes owe much to Jack Vosburgh's marketed trick, “Aces,” 1950. See Marlo's “Vanishing Aces” in New Tops, Vol. 4 No. 2, Feb. 1964, p. 16 (Marlo dated his trick back to May 1953). Vosburgh used a double-backed card, whereas Marlo's handling used two face-to-face cards as an impromptu version of the gaff. Vosburgh's trick predates “The Apex Ace: Ose's Addition” from Harry Lorayne's Close-up Card Magic, 1962, p. 91.