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-====== Card Divination by Spectator, Using Fake Index in Reverse Fan ====== 
-Michael Shields and Bascom Jones published "​Mephisto'​s Monocle"​ in //​[[http://​​display/​36705/​Genii/​18|Genii]]//,​ Vol. 14 No. 8, Apr. 1950, p. 266. They would draw a card index on the blank corners of a Joker, then force the real card matching the drawn index. When the deck was reverse fanned in front of a spectator, the only index visible was the drawn one (the card on the face of the fan was covered with the hand). 
-Al Mann reinvented the idea in 1976. In his version, the advantage of possible impromptu preparation is sacrificed to get a realistic pip. See "The Isometric Card" in //​[[http://​​display/​22355/​The+Third+Ecstasy/​24|The Third Ecstasy]]//,​ 1976, p. 22. In certain circumstances,​ this could be a desirable feature. 
-See also [[cards:​reverse_fan|Reverse Fan Applications]].