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-====== Card Vanish Using Moistened Back of Hand ====== 
-The trick of vanishing a card from the deck by knocking it or touching it subtly with the moistened back of the hand, which secretly picks up the top card, was included in Jacques Ozanam's //[[|Récréations Mathématiques et Physiques]]//, 1723, p. 130 of the Pieper translation. This was translated in //Gibecière//, Vol. 6 No. 1, Winter 2011, p. 79-156. It was included in the unpublished //[[|Asti Manuscript]]//, c. 1700, p. 58 of the Pieper translation. This manuscript was translated in //Gibecière//, Vol. 8 No. 1, Winter 2013, p. 29-234. 
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