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 +======Christ'​s 203rd Force/​Location======
 +Henry Christ'​s force using a double-backed card, which Theodore Annemann named "The 203rd Force",​ was first published in Annemann'​s //​[[https://​​display/​26531/​Shhh+It+s+a+Secret+Annemann/​43|Sh-h-h--! It's a Secret]]//, 1934, p. 41.
 +Christ applied the same procedure to a location of a card freely cut to. This was first published in Hugard and Braue'​s //​[[https://​​display/​14544/​Miracle+Methods+Number+Three+Prepared+Cards+and+Accessories/​9|Miracle Methods, No. 3: Prepared Cards and Accessories]]//,​ 1942, p. 8.
 +Christ'​s procedure led to a number of variations and refinements. Among the more interesting are these: George Kaplan corner-shorted the double-backed card, making it faster to locate and glimpse the selection above it; see Kaplan'​s //​[[https://​​display/​62630/​The+Fine+Art+of+Magic/​54|Fine Art of Magic]]//, 1948, p. 44. Paul Curry clipped off more, making the double-backer a short card, which added the facilitation of a Double Lift in his "Turn of the Century"​ in //Paul Curry Presents//, 1974, p. 57.