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Clip Steal

A form of the Side Steal, in which the outer right corner of the card to be extracted from the deck is clipped between the right third and fourth fingers and delivered to the top without being otherwise palmed. An early description, perhaps the first, of this sleight appears in Magicians' Tricks: How They Are Done by Hatton and Plate, 1910, p. 10.

Edward Marlo included the sleight in The Side Steal, 1957, p. 22, where he cited a Side Steal to the bottom of the deck by Arthur Buckley (described in “Triple Climax”, a manuscript marketed in late 1921; see Felsman's Magical Review, Vol. 2 No. 4-5, p. 9; see also, Buckley's Improved and Original Card Problems, 1930, p. 40), as a precursor. Marlo made a distinction concerning where the card is clipped: at the second joint or at the base of the fingers. Marlo overlooked the 1910 description by Hatton and Plate.

See also Side Steal and Deliberate Side Steal.