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 ====== D'​Amico Multiple Shift ====== ====== D'​Amico Multiple Shift ======
-A single-card precursor by Luis Zingone ​appears ​in //​Underworld//,​ No. 5, August ​1997, p. 61. This is the first published appearance of Zingone'​s shift.+Carmen D'​Amico published his multiple shift in Ed Marlo'​s booklet, //The Multiple Shift//, 1961, p. 31. A single-card precursor by Luis Zingone ​appeared ​in //​Underworld//,​ No. 5, Aug. 1997, p. 61. This was the first published appearance of Zingone'​s shift.
 {{tag>​technique}} {{tag>​technique}}