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 ====== Deck Switch with Shell ====== ====== Deck Switch with Shell ======
-A bold deck switch using a [[cards:deck_shell|Card Case Shell]] was published by Robert Parrish in his trick "Synchronism" in //[[|Do That Again!]]//, 1939, p. 35He uses a card case with a lid and places the lid on the wrong side of the case similar to an [[coin:coin_boxes|Okito coin box]] to build an impromptu shellVirtually the same choreography as employed by Parrish was later reinvented by Dean Dill and used in his marketed trick "Blizzard" (1997).+A bold deck switch using a [[cards:deck_shell|Card Case Shell]] was published by Stanley Collins in his trick "The Flying Sum and Divining Cards" in Will Goldston'//[[|The Magician Monthly]]//, Vol. 9 No. 8, July 1913, p. 124The shell is openly placed from one deck to another in an off-beat momentThis type of switch was much later popularized by Dean Dill who used it in his marketed trick "Blizzard" from 1997.
-In 2012, Christian Engblom marketed a clever mechanical card case shell to switch a deck called "The Cooler".+In 2012, Christian Engblom marketed "The Cooler", a clever mechanical card case shell manufactured to switch a deck.
 {{tag>principle technique}} {{tag>principle technique}}