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 ====== Double-Backed Card ====== ====== Double-Backed Card ======
-The first description occurs in WmHenry Cremer's //The Secret Out: One Thousand Tricks in Drawing Room or White Magic...// (1859)See "To let person draw a card which he cannot name"which is gag. However, Hofzinser was known to use this gaffed card in the mid-1800s.+The use of a double-backed card appeared in R.P's //Ein Spiel Karten//, 1853, p68 of the Pieper translation. It was used as gagrather than magic trick. However, Johann Hofzinser was known to use this gaffed card for magical uses in the mid-1800s (see Domination of Thought: Second Method in Ottokar Fischer's //Kartenk√ľnste //, 1910, p. 85 of the Sharpe translation).
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