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Elastic or Elongated Lady or Stretched Card

Peter Kane's well-known marketed trick, “Elongated Lady,” 1976, turns out to be prefigured by S.H. Sharpe's “The Elastic Lady” in Edward Bagshawe's Magical Monthly, Vol. 2 No. 12, Sep. 1925, p. 231. The premise was inspired by P. T. Selbit's similar stage illusion. Sharpe's method is much the same as most recent versions, except that he uses the card case as the cover whereas Kane and most who've followed have used a surrounding sandwich of two cards. Kane's inspiration was more likely a later version of the trick, Karl Fulves's “It Stretches”, in his Book of Numbers, 1971, p. 30. Fulves uses the deck, rather than the case or two sandwiching cards to surround the stretching card, and he finishes by making the stretched card instantly shrink to half its size.