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-====== Envelope or Pocket Card ====== 
-The pocket card---used to add a double Louis d'or secretly to a bet after it had proven successful---appeared in an anonymous book, //Les misters du phraraon dévoilés...//,​ 1810. Daniel Rhod mentions this in //Notes on the History of Cardsharping in France//, 2011, p. 23. John Kennedy later reinvented this coin-holdout idea in his marketed “Impossible Matrix”, 1978. 
-J. N. Hofzinser used a pocket card for a different purpose: to receive a borrowed finger ring, after which the open end of the card was sealed with diachylon, and later the ring was produced from inside the card. See "The Insoluble Impromptu"​ in //J. N. Hofzinser: Non Plus Ultra, Vol. II//, by Magic Christian, 2013, p. 290. 
-Ellis Stanyon described a pocket card to secretly hold more cards in //​[[http://​​display/​16765/​Stanyon+s+Magic+Vol+14+No+02/​5|Magic]]//,​ Vol. 14 No. 2, Nov. 1913, p. 17.