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 ====== Four Robbers Trick ====== ====== Four Robbers Trick ======
-An early version ​of this plotusing three Jacks as "​knaves" ​and a King as the "​constable"​ appears in //​[[http://​|Breslaw'​s ​Last Legacy]]// (1784)p. 31.+This was a favorite effect ​of the early conjuring worldcropping up again and again over the centuriesIn the Winter, 2013 issue of //Gibecière// (Vol. 8, No. 1), footnote #9 said the following:​ 
 +"The Four Robbers"​ trick appeared in Robert Greene's //A notable discovery of coosnage//London, 1591.
 {{tag>​effect}} {{tag>​effect}}