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Full-Deck False Hindu Shuffle

John Cornelius published the Oh-Calcutta Shuffle in Apocalypse, Vol. 5 No. 3, Mar. 1982, p. 604. In this false Hindu shuffle, packets are drawn only from the bottom of the deck, resulting in a complete false shuffle.

James Steranko published the same idea in Steranko on Cards, 1960, p. 37. He used it as part of a multiple shift, but recognized its potential: “This keeps the deck in its original order, which is another advantage of this particular shift.”

The same concept—but applied to the overhand shuffle—seems to have been created by Ken Krenzel. His handling “Chopper” was taught in Close-up Impact!, 1990, p. 167.


Pulling the bottom portion of the deck off as though it was the top portion was used as a key card placement before its use in a full-deck false shuffle. In The Sphinx, Vol. 48 No. 3, May 1949, p. 65, this bottom pull-off placement was credited to Bert Allerton.