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Gemini Twins

The placement system used in this Karl Fulves trick (which originally appeared as “Stopped Twice” in his Impromptu Opener, 1979, p. 2) may have been adopted from either of two sources: Theodore Annemann's “Locatrik” in The Jinx, No. 39, Dec. 1937, p. 262; or Herb Rungie's “Hidden Mystery” in The Jinx, No. 83, Mar. 1940, p. 535. In The Fine Print No. 10 (1999, p. 318), Fulves claims that the Herb Rungie effect is “almost certainly the inspiration for Gemini Twins” and acknowledges that there has been much speculation over the history of the routine.

Other precursors are Ron Wohl's “Australian Sixes” in Harry Lorayne's Reputation-Makers, 1971, p. 164, and Ed Marlo's “Ruse Cull” in Kabbala, Vol. 1 No. 9, May 1972, p. 74.