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-====== Gemini Twins ====== 
-The placement system used in this Karl Fulves trick (which originally appeared as "Stopped Twice" in his //[[|Impromptu Opener]]//, 1979, p. 2) may have been adopted from either of two sources: Theodore Annemann's "Locatrik" in //[[|The Jinx]]//, No. 39, Dec. 1937, p. 262; or Herb Rungie's "Hidden Mystery" in //[[|The Jinx]]//, No. 83, Mar. 1940, p. 535. In //The Fine Print// No. 10 (1999) Fulves claims that the Herb Rungie effect is "almost certainly the inspiration for Gemini Twins" and acknowledges that there has been much speculation over the history of the routine. 
-Other precursors are Ron Wohl's "Australian Sixes" in Harry Lorayne's //[[|Reputation-Makers]]//, 1971, p. 164, and Ed Marlo's "Ruse Cull" in //Kabbala//, Vol. 1 No. 9, May 1972, p. 74. 
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