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 ====== Long-card Gag ====== ====== Long-card Gag ======
-The comedy revelation using a very long card with a string of ten diamond pips, showing it first as a Threethen drawing it all the way into viewwas devised c1950 by Harold Beaumont.+The comedy revelation using a very long card with a string of pips was independently created by Tom Sellers and Harold Beaumont. Sellers published his "Long Card Comedy" in //The Magic Wand Yearbook1948-1949 Edition//, 1949, p. 23, and Beaumont marketed his version as "Stretching Card," 1952. 
 +Although Beaumont's version came out three years after Sellers's//The Magic Wand// released this statement as part of their review of "Stretching a Card": 
 +"In fairness to Harold Beaumont, we must add that we are not accusing him of pirating the routineWhen we first published it, the effect having been originated by Tom Sellers of Edinburgh, we were informed that Harold Beaumont of Huddersfield was using a similar effect. Obviously, two great minds thinking alike.
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