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-====== Odd-even Divided Deck ====== 
-This variety of divided deck, used for card locations, appears to predate the red-black divided deck by centuries. It appeared in an unpublished 17th century manuscript known as //Sloane 424//, c. 1600s, p. 142 of the Pieper translation. This anonymous manuscript was translated in //​[[http://​​display/​30886/​Gibeci+re/​142|Gibecière]]//,​ Vol. 5 No. 2, Summer 2010, p. 141-172. It also appears in R.P.'s //Ein Spiel Karten//, 1853, p. 48 of the Pieper translation,​ titled "The Quickly Found Cards."​ And Reinhard Müller reports finding the description of a divided pack (nature of division not stated) in //​Verschiedenes zum Unterricht und zur Unterhaltung für Liebhaber der Gaucheltasche,​ des Magnetismus,​ und anderer Seltenheiten//​ by Hofrath von Echershausen,​ München, 1791.