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 ====== One-handed Top Palm as a Color Change ====== ====== One-handed Top Palm as a Color Change ======
-See "​Sandwitchery" ​in J. K. Hartman'​s //​[[http://​​display/​17574/​Packet+Magic/​51|Packet Magic]]//, 1972, p. 45. However, ​this doesn'​t ​seem to be done as a visible change; disclosure ​is delayed until the right hand is moved aside. Hartman ​gives a variant handling, "Face Lift Change"on p. 112 of //Card Craft//, 1991. However, the one-handed top palm is executed before the face of the deck is displayed, and then the right hand does a color change, depositing the palmed card on the deck. In "Wax Lips" by Paul Harris, in his //Close-up Entertainer//,​ 1979, p. 166, the color change is perceived the instant the top palm is executed.+The basic concept was included ​in J.K. Hartman'​s ​"​Sandwitchery"​ from //​[[http://​​display/​17574/​Packet+Magic/​51|Packet Magic]]//, 1972, p. 45. However, ​it wasn't done as a visible change; disclosure ​was delayed until the right hand moved aside. Hartman ​gave a variant handling, "Face Lift Change," in //Card Craft//, 1991, p. 112. However, the one-handed top palm was executed before the face of the deck was displayed, and then the right hand performed ​a color change, depositing the palmed card on the deck. Paul Harris ​introduced the idea of using the [[cards:​one-handed_top_palm|One-handed Top Palm]] as an instantvisible color change ​in "Wax Lips" from //Close-up Entertainer//,​ 1979, p. 166.
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