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 +====== Overhand Shuffle from Bottom to Top ======
 +To transfer the bottom card or cards to the top with an Overhand Shuffle, one can use a thumb break for a clean throw at the end to avoid a lengthy run of single cards. This strategy appeared in Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue's //[[|Expert Card Technique]]//, 1940, p. 130, in paragraph 4, where it is explicitly recommended as a replacement for the single run method. It is not attached to any creator, though.
 +Many years later, Dai Vernon published the approach for a single card at the end of "To Shuffle a certain number of Cards above a Selected Card" in Lewis Ganson's //[[|Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic]]//, 1961, p. 26. Ed Marlo contributed some ideas to this Transfer Shuffle on how to establish the break for multiple cards in "Overhand Shuffle Finesse" in //[[|Marlo's Magazine, Vol. 5]]//, 1984, p. 62. (Marlo published a completely different solution to shuffling the bottom card to the top as "From Bottom to Top" in //[[|The Unexpected Card Book]]//, 1974, p. 31.)