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Pop-out Card Production

This production of a card during a riffle was published by Walter Gibson in The Magician's Manual, 1933, p. 79, to produce a miniature card from the full-sized deck. It appeared ten years later, under the by-line of Emmett Barbee in The Sphinx, Vol. 41 No. 12, Dec. 1943, p. 258. “Joe Berg's Flip-up Card” used a half card and appeared in the Tarbell Course in Magic, Volume 4, 1945, p. 122. In The Card Magic of Le Paul, 1949, p. 161, Le Paul used the principle to produce a card with one quarter missing. In Genii, Vol. 69 No. 4, Apr. 2006, p. 67, Arthur Trace turns Le Paul's idea around to produce a quarter of card.