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Pop-out Card Production

First published by Walter Gibson in The Magician's Manual (1933, p. 79) to produce a miniature card from the full-sized deck. Though it seems to have been determined that this idea is Sid Lorraine's, it appeared ten years later, under the by-line of Emmett Barbee in The Sphinx, Vol. 41, No. 12, Dec. 1943, p. 258. “Joe Berg's Flip-up Card” appears in the Tarbell Course in Magic, Volume 4 (1945), p. 122. This uses a half card. In The Card Magic of Paul LePaul (1949, he uses the principle to produce a card with one quarter missing: “Impromptu Torn and Restored Card”, p. 161. In the April 2006 issue of Genii (Vol. 69. No. 4), Arthur Trace turns around LePaul's idea to produce a quarter of card: “Spatial Exchange”, p. 67.