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-====== Popover Card Production ====== 
-This flourish production is by J. K. Hartman, first described in his //[[|Packet Magic]]// (1972), p. 2. As Hartman notes there, his starting point was Neal Elias's "Another Cutting Discovery" in //[[|Ibidem]]//, No. 26, Sept. 1962, p. 9. The difference between the two is that the Elias sleight is done as the halves of the deck are put together, while Hartman's handling occurs with the full deck held in the left hand. 
-Preceding these popover productions of a card is J. B. Bobo's "Pop-Over Card" in //[[|The Sphinx]]//, Vol. 45, No. 12, Feb. 1947, p. 368.