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 ====== Psychological Stop Trick ====== ====== Psychological Stop Trick ======
-This concept ​is described in //Ein Spiel Karten// ​by R. P., Prague, 1853, Part I, item 21, p. 43 of the Pieper translation,​ under the title "The Non Plus Ultra"This title, combined with the time and place of publication of this booksuggests that this technique may have been appropriated from Hofzinser'​s repertoire, although it is also possible it was in circulation and was not original with Hofzinser.+This concept ​was in use among mid-19th century European conjurers. It was described in R.P.'​s ​//Ein Spiel Karten//, 1853, p. 43 of the Pieper translation,​ under the title "The Non Plus Ultra." Johann Hofzinser was also using the idea around the same timeand near the same place, ​which was published as "The Sympathetic Numbers" ​in //​Kartenk√ľnste//,​ 1910, p. 23 of the Sharpe translation.
 {{tag>​effect principle}} {{tag>​effect principle}}