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Reverse Ace Assembly

Ed Marlo published “Aces in Reverse” in Let's See the Deck, 1942, p. 15. The presentation wasn't an Ace Assembly, but the plot involved the Aces scattering to four piles from a fifth pile under the spectator's hand. Versions that stay true to the Ace Assembly plot include Phil Goldstein's “secA ruoF” from Card Tricks for People Who Don't Do Card Tricks…and Some for Those Who Do!, 1974, p. 6, and and Dave Solomon's “Dis-Assembling Aces” from Sessions, 1982, p. 70.

Dai Vernon stated (in conversation with Max Maven) that he had come up with this plot in the 1930s, see the introduction of the reprint of “secA ruoF” in Phil Goldstein's Focus, 1990, p. 118.

See also: Ace Assembly.