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Reverse Faro Shuffle

The act of undoing a faro shuffle or accomplishing the reverse purpose of a perfect faro shuffle by outjogging and injogging alternate cards in a deck or packet was first described by Walter B. Gibson in a trick titled “The Double Prediction” in his Sixteen Master Card Mysteries, 1928, p. 11. There, Gibson cites as his starting point for the trick Charles Jordan's “The Sequel” in Jordan's Four Full Hands, 1922, p. 26 (of the fourth edition). When Gibson's “Double Prediction” was included in Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, 1937, p. 85, it was mistakenly credited to Jordan. In Jordan's “The Sequel”, it must be noted, there is no outjogging and injogging of alternate cards. Instead, the the cards are dealt in rotation into four piles. Therefore, Gibson is the first to describe the Reverse Faro.