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 +======Sand Frame======
 +This small photo frame, gaffed either to produce or to vanish a playing card or other flat item, is reported by Prof. Hoffmann (//​[[https://​​display/​18823/​More+Magic/​116|More Magic]]//, 1890, p. 102) and Sidney W. Clarke (//​[[https://​​display/​38843/​The+magic+wand+and+magical+review/​197|The Magic Wand]]//, Vol. 14 No. 127, Oct.-Nov. 1925, p. 143) to have been invented by Bosco. Hoffmann was likely Clarke'​s source. Hoffmann'​s source is unknown and unverified. Hoffmann introduced some confusion in referring to "the elder Bosco [...] who visited England some thirty years ago." The "​elder"​ Bosco would presumably be Bartolomeo (1793-1863),​ who is known to have performed in London in 1851. That is roughly nine years too early to fit Hoffmann'​s timing. Clarke lays the invention of the Sand Frame at the feet of Bartolomeo'​s illegitimate son, Eugene (1823-1891),​ who moved from Italy to England c. 1855. This is a better fit for Hoffmann'​s dating, although his choice of the word "​visited"​ seems peculiar in his writing that Bosco "​visited England some thirty years ago." A residence taken up five years before, and for some time after, the period indicated might be thought something more than a visit. Nevertheless,​ Eugene Bosco is most likely the performer Hoffmann intended.