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Second Deal

Bill Kalush points to what may be the first published mention of this sleight in “a well-preserved pamphlet of four leaves entitled Opera nuoua doue facilmente potrai imparare piu giuochi di mano et altn giuochi piaceuolissimi & gentili come si potra leggefnjdo uedere et facilmente imparare. [G. S. di Carlo da Pavia: Florence, 1520?].”

Although being around for centuries, descriptions of the technique managed to stay out of conjuring texts for a remarkably long time. It wasn't until the eighteenth century that the move blossomed into print with detailed explanations. The strike second deal appeared in Gabriel Mailhol's Le Philosophe Négre et Les Secrets Des Grecs, 1764, p. 165, but stayed out of English texts for another eighty years until Johnathan Harrington Green's description in An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling, 1843, p. 31. The push-off second deal was described eighteen years later in Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin's Les Tricheries des Grecs Devoilees, 1861, p. 169 of the Hoffmann translation.

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