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 +====== Spirit/​Secret Mathematician ======
 +In this effect the performer places a shuffled deck in his pocket and, without looking at the deck, is able to remove a card of the same suit as the selection. He then removes a number of cards the values of which have a combined total of the value of the selection. For example, if the selection was the Ten of Clubs, the performer would remove an Eight and a Two to represent the Ten. 
 +This effect employs a basic binary principle. It was first published by Charles Jordan as "The Spirit Mathematician"​ in his booklet //​[[http://​​display/​14621/​Ten+New+Impromptu+Card+Tricks+The+Ten+New+Tricks+Series+Number+One/​7-9|Ten New Impromptu Card Tricks]]//, 1920, p. 5.
 +It is reported in //​[[http://​​display/​37265/​Genii/​56|Genii]]//,​ Vol. 64 No. 12, Dec. 2001, p. 56, that at around this time Arthur Finley was performing the same trick in New York. The trick was eventually reprinted with "​Findley"​ listed as the creator in the Jean Hugard'​s //​[[http://​​display/​14938/​Encyclopedia+of+Card+Tricks/​38-39|The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks]]//, 1937, p. 35, retitled "The Secret Mathematician"​. In the introduction of the trick it is stated that "It was first sold by Jordan some 20 years ago."
 +For more information on the Jordan-Finley contention, see [[misc:​Charles Jordan Controversy]].