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 ====== Super Rise ====== ====== Super Rise ======
-This control secretly displaces the top card displayed to a position second from the top or lowerby secretly adding one or more cards over the top card as it is outjogged and displayed on its packetThe sleight was first put in print by Wesley James, in Garcia'//Super Subtle Card Miracles// (1973), p165HoweverTom Ellis is given credit for it in //[[|Pallbearers Review]]//, Vol. 9No. 6, April 1974, p. 721. This is probably an instance of independent invention. Larry Jennings had a related idea in Lorayne's //[[|Best of Friends]]// (1982). See "Open Control", p. 92.+Tom Ellis's Super Rise has been relegated to only being mentioned in the controversy around Wesley James's [[cards:coming_up_in_the_world|Coming Up in the World]]. This assumes the moves are identical, and this is wrong. Ellis's move contains an important finesse that has been overlooked. When outjogging the selection, the secret card is not loaded flush with the deck; instead, it is loaded slightly outjogged itself (but less than the selection)Now when pulling the selection back onto the deck, the hand can be turned over before it's pushed all the way flush, allowing for a visual retention that can't be achieved with Wesley James's (or JStewart Smith's) precursorsFor full detailssee //[[|Pallbearers Review]]//, Vol. 9 No. 6, Apr. 1974, p. 721. 
 +For a related idea, see Larry Jennings's Open Control in Harry Lorayne's //[[|Best of Friends]]//1982, p. 92.
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