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 +======Television Card Frame======
 +Oswald Rae first suggested the effect of making a chosen card appear between two panes of glass. See "A Transparent Affair"​ in his book //​[[https://​​display/​23077/​Between+Ourselves+A+Book+of+Exclusive+Magic/​37|Between Ourselves]]//,​ 1926, p. 19. Rae gives two methods. Both relied on holding the card behind both panes, which fact couldn'​t be discerned by the audience.
 +Roughly ten years later Jack Hughes came up with a gimmicked mechanical frame that lodged the card genuinely between the two sheets of glass. First marketed by Davenport'​s in London, this method eventually became a standard dealers'​ item. For further details, see Bart Whaley'​s //​[[https://​​display/​39276/​The+Encyclopedic+Dictionary+of+Magic/​691|Encyclopedic Dictionary of Magic]]//, 1989, p. 683.
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