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-====== Three-card Catch ====== 
-Reinhard Müller discovered a precursor to his three-card catch in an earlier handling that appeared in a scarce 1853 German book, //Ein Spiel Karten: Lehrbuch der höheren Kartenkunst//,​ by R. P., published in Prague, 1853. See Part II, item 3, "The Magnetic Cards" in the Pieper translation. This handling was an extension of that used in "The Ladies'​ Looking Glass",​ in which the fingertips were moistened and the deck thrown into the air, leaving three cards clinging to the fingers. Also predating (by five years) Müller'​s publication of the sleight was Mike Roger'​s "Coin Clipped"​ from //​[[http://​​display/​15139/​M+U+M/​510|M-U-M]]//,​ Feb. 1966, p. 18, in which two coins, sandwiching a deck, trap a chosen card as the deck is tossed. See Fulves'​s //The Fine Print//, No. 10, p. 341 for further details. 
-A four-card catch variant was published by Harry Lorayne in his //​[[http://​​display/​18074/​Quantum+Leaps/​201|Quantum Leaps]]//, 1979, p. 197. Lorayne adds another feature by creating a double card, so that a fifth card (a selection) can be produced, following the four-card catch. Müller had come up with this idea as well, using the red Aces to catch a black one, but the lower red Ace was a sidejogged double (the second black Ace hidden beneath), allowing the delayed production of the second black Ace. This trick of Müller'​s hasn't been published, but another application of his, to a color-changing deck, "Off Color Catchers, appeared in //Spell Binder//, Vol. 2, No. 15, July 1982, p. 286.