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-====== Top Change with a Packet ====== 
-Using a top change style of action for switching a packet of cards dates back to the 19th century. Johann Hofzinser used the technique in "The Power of Faith," detailed in Ottokar Fischer's //[[|Kartenk√ľnste]]//, 1910, p. 65 (see p. 72 of the Sharpe translation //[[|Hofzinser's Card Conjuring]]//, 1931). Fellow 19th century conjuror, Jean-Jacques-Maurice Talazac used the now-common end grip for the technique. His top change can be found in Camille Gaultier's //[[|La Prestidigitation Sans Appareils]]//, 1914, p. 100 of the Hugard translation. Before Hofzinser or Talazac's techniques were published, Kaufmann included a packet top change within his "Marked Four Ace Trick" in //[[|Mahatma]]//, Vol. 7 No. 11, May 1904, p. 125. 
-There is a related technique that involves switching packets under the cover of drawing the face-up top card of the packet onto the deck. It was described by Arthur Hastings and David Bendix in "Close-up Top Change II" from //[[|Hugard's Magic Monthly]]//, Vol. 14 No. 5., Oct. 1956, p. 481. Hastings and Bendix used a side-step, as in the [[cards:veeser_concept|Veeser Concept]]. Marlo refined the handling by changing the step to a break in "Packet Switches" from //[[|The New Tops]]//, Vol. 5 No. 2, Feb. 1965, p. 24. In his second method he specially mentions the Le Temps Ace switch in //[[|Expert Card Technique]]//, 1940, p. 249, which is actually a handling of the Talazac top change.