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-====== Tosheroon ====== 
-Tosheroon was invented by Bob Driebek and marketed by Harry Stanley, who later published it in //​[[http://​​display/​3016/​Gen+Vol+23/​250|The Gen]]//, Vol. 23 No. 11, Mar. 1968, p. 250. An additional handling by John F. Pooley is also detailed. The original effect was that of placing a coin on a face-up packet, then covering it with the other portion of the deck. When the packets were next separated, the card beneath the coin had changed. The gimmick was a card with a hole in it. 
-Edward Marlo published an "​open"​ version with a face-up deck in //​[[http://​​display/​12843/​Pallbearers+Review+Vol+1+2/​51|Pallbearers Review]]//, Vol. 1 No. 10, Aug. 1966, p. 49, that used a flat palm steal, titled "Card Flight."​ An overview of the many subsequent versions appears under "​Tosheroon Two" by Herb Zarrow in //​Kabbala//,​ Vol. 2 No. 8, Aug. 1973, p. 63. See also Frank Garcia'​s "​Razzle Dazzle"​ in //​[[http://​​display/​20227/​Million+Dollar+Card+Secrets/​42|Million Dollar Card Secrets]]//,​ 1972, p. 40, "​Snaparoon"​ in Don England'​s //Technical Knock-outs //, 1981, p. Hearts 12, for a rubber banded version, and the "Zaney Gimmick"​ versions by Mike Rogers and Jon Racherbaumer in //​Kabbala//,​ Vol. 1 No. 12, Dec. 1972, p. 93, and //The Complete Mike Rogers//, 1975, p. 139. 
-Tosheroon was a slang name for the old half crown among British cab drivers and barrow boys.