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Tunnel Change

The first of these changes while the card is pushed at right angles through the deck seems to be by Charles Jordan, in his marketed “Diabolical Reversed Card (Improved)”, 1921. This uses a half card gimmick to effect a visual reversal of a card. Jordan thanks a Mr. DeForrest of San Francisco for supplying “certain suggestions adopted in the working.” See Karl Fulves's Charles T. Jordan: Collected Tricks, 1975, p. 100. There is no mention of the nature of the trick this one improves on, so there is a good chance the original “Diabolical Reversed Card,” most likely by Jordan, may have also been a tunnel-style change. Jordan did advertise a “Diabolical Reversed Card,” but this may have been the same “improved” version, truncated for space purposes in the ads. The differences between the two tricks may have been DeForrest's suggestions.