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Unit Upjog Addition

First published by Edward Marlo in Marlo's Magazine, Vol. 1, 1976, p. 25.

A clear precursor to this sleight is found in “The Burglars: A Story Trick” in Jean Hugard's Card Manipulations, No. 1, 1933, p. 10. This uncredited sleight injogs the desired cards, rather than outjogging them, and it lacks other refinements described by Marlo; however, the central concept of the two sleights is the same.

Using a similar, simpler dynamic to the Unit Upjog Addition, a packet may be secretly loaded under the last of a small number of cards that are outjogged as they are arrived at while spreading through the deck. This sleight was first published in The Tarbell Course in Magic, Vol. 5 (1948, p. 122), where it is described within the context of “Paul Rosini's Ace Transposition”. In Frank Csuri's 1961 unpublished manuscript The Magic of Charles Earle Miller, which gathers correspondence between Miller and Faucett W. Ross from 1930-1960, this addition idea is said to be Miller's; see p. 47, “26. The Four Aces and Four Jacks”. Csuri dates only some of the letters, and this one is not in that group. However, it falls directly after a letter that is dated 11/24/31, and the next date given (on p. 52) is 1/20/43. So the likely period of the letter in question is the early 1930s to the early 1940s. Miller's claim to the sleight is furthered by his opening comment about it: “Paul Rosini called this 'wonderful' […]”