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Wimbrough's Missing Trick from Greater Magic

This trick of S. H. Wimbrough, which Vernon recalls having vanished from Hilliard's MS. of Greater Magic (Stephen Minch wrote this story up for “Magicana” in Genii, Vol. 55 No. 10, p. 673), would seem to have been recorded first in Gravatt's Encyclopedia of Self Working Card Tricks (1936), p. 49, under the title “Upside Down”. It appears there without credit, but in the Hugard revision, p. 167, the name Wimborough has been supplied. On p. 342 of the same work appears a trick with the by-line S. H. Wimbrough, likely the same man. In Expert Card Technique Hugard and Braue record a method of Luis Zingone's, “Reverse Supreme”, p. 344, with the comment, “a vast improvement” of an effect previously done with double-backed cards.