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 +======Windup-Toy Finds Chosen Card======
 +Howard P. Albright'​s "​Gileegaloo Bird", first advertised in the October 1935 issue of //​[[https://​​display/​37636/​Linking+Ring/​61|The Linking Ring]]// (Vol. 15 No. 8, p. 713), is the first example of using a windup-toy to locate a selected card from a deck spread out on the table. The instructions for Albright'​s "​Gileegaloo Bird" described a five-phase routine. A number of variations using different windup-toys and methods have appeared since Albright'​s "​Gileegaloo Bird" was released. Magicians who became especially known for their presentations of this effect include Dr. Jaks, Don Alan, Bobby Bernard, Terry Seabrooke and, particularly,​ Ricky Jay.