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Folding Coin

This gimmicked coin, originally created for the effect of passing a coin into a bottle, is described in detail by Edwin Sachs in the second edition of Sleight of Hand, 1885, p. 27. Also described is the idea of a hollow cork made of metal and capable of concealing one or more folding coins.

Bob Ostin revived or reinvented the idea of a hollow cork and published his Coin in Bottle routine in Abracadabra, Vol. 30 No. 765, Sep. 1960, p. 164.

John Pomeroy also revived the idea and simplified its construction in the 1960s, using a hollow plastic cork from a champagne bottle. It is unknown if Pomeroy published the idea, but he told Stephen Minch of it in the 1970s. Michael Ammar independently invented the idea and published it in 1980, in The Command Performance, Premier Issue, p. 28.

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