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Glued Spread of Coins Gaff

This gimmick, which is also known as a Siamese Coin, consists of two or more coins glued or soldered together in a spread. This allows the appearance of multiple coins, but with the ability to manipulate them as if they were a single coin. The idea has been reinvented several times.

Baffles Brush describes the gimmick as “Another New Coin Fake” in The Sphinx, Vol. 23 No. 2, Apr. 1924, p. 55. It consisted of five fused coins. John E. Mintz later used a three-coin version of the gaff for his “Han Ping Chien Finale” in M-U-M, Vol. 28 No. 10, Mar. 1969, p. 35. A two-coin version of the gimmick was popularized in the 1980s through David Neighbors's and Mike Gallo's explorations with the prop, appearing in David Neighbors on the Double Coin Gimmick by Ken Simmons, 1988; and Mike Gallo on the Siamese Coin by John Bannon, 1989.