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-====== Gypsy Switch ====== 
-As the name suggests, tradition has it that this switch was received from itinerant Romany swindlers. Its first appearance in English seems to be in Hoffmann's //Modern Magic//, 1876, p. 164: "To Make Two Marked Coins, Wrapped in Separate Handkerchiefs, Come Together in One of Them." Karl Fulves has run an exhaustive serial history of this move in his journal //Prolix//. The series starts in //Prolix//, No. 2, 2006, p. 112. Fulves points out that the mechanics of the Gypsy Switch are applied to a handkerchief penetration in J. E. Robert-Houdin's //Les Secrets de la Prestidigitation et de la Magie//, 1868. See [[|"Magical Filtration of Five-Franc Pieces"]] in Prof. Hoffmann's 1878 English translation, p. 117.