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Schneider Pick-up Move

This move if often credited to both Al Schneider and Derek Dingle, as a product of independent invention. However, the sleight in Al Schneider's only. In the description of the trick “Four Coins in the Countin'” (Dingle's Deceptions, Haines House of Cards: Ohio, c. 1966, p. 42), Harry Lorayne credits the sleight to Derek Dingle. In later descriptions, such as Frank Paglia's “Shovel Coin Shuffle” (Apocalypse, Vol. 1 No. 8, August 1978, p. 89) and in “The PickUp Move” (The Complete Works of Derek Dingle by Richard Kaufman, Kaufman & Greenberg: New York. 1982, p. 190), it is stated that Al Schneider independently developed the sleight. However, in “Al Schneider and the Story of Matrix” in Genii (Vol. 63 No. 2, February 2000, p. 38), Schneider writes that during a magic convention in Columbus, Ohio, he met Dingle and on that occasion showed him an unpublished trick of his that would later be published under the title “Matrix”. At the time, he called it “Coins-n-Cards”. At next year's installment of this convention, Dingle showed to Schneider a trick he developed from the technique Schneider had showed him the year before, and said he planned to publish it in a book he was then writing. This, presumably, was Dingle's Deceptions. Dingle died before this information was published, so never commented on it. However, it seems everyone accepts Schneider's claim, and the sleight is now generally attributed only to him.