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-====== Sachs's and Sack's Dice Routine ====== 
-The earliest publication so far discovered for the Paddle Move applied to dice appears in Richard and Delion's //Le Magicien des Salons//, 1856, p. 264. The trick, in an unacknowledged translation, appeared three years later in Dick and Fitzgerald's //The Secret Out//, 1859. See [[|"The Dice"]] (page number varies with editions). The trick became popularly known as "The Sachs Dice Trick" because of its appearance in Edwin Sachs's //[[|Sleight of Hand]]//, 1877, there titled "Changing Dice", p. 81 of the second edition. 
-Dr. Sack later improved the logic of the sequence of changes given by Sachs by assuring that the opposite sides shown added to seven. The Sack routine was published in //[[|The Phoenix]]//, No. 152, June 18 1948, p. 615. According to Tim Trono in //[[|Genii]]//, Vol. 65 No. 12, Dec. 2002, p. 76, Melvyn Burkhart, in 1933, was the first to develop a quarter-turn handling with giant dice.