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Fogel's Headline Prediction

Maurice Fogel released his “Headline Prediction” in 1959; see The Linking Ring, Vol. 39 No. 11, Jan. 1960, p. 125. The prediction slip can be seen sealed in a clear glass bottle. This uses the masking principle also found in the “Air Tight Prediction” marketed in 1958 by Hollywood Magic Exchange, a southern California company run by Kirk Kirkham; see The Linking Ring, Vol. 38 No. 9, Nov. 1958, p. 17. However, Fogel was publicly performing this effect by the early 1950s, and Barrie Richardson, in Theater of the Mind, 1999, p. 160, reports having learned the masking idea from George Boston, circa 1946, who used it for a “Bill in Balloon” effect. Richardson does not credit Boston with its invention.

See also: Prediction in Balloon.