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-====== Glorpy as Spirit Writer ====== 
-This idea is original with Phil Goldstein, who published it in //​[[http://​​display/​10813/​The+Blue+Book+of+Mentalism/​17|The Blue Book of Mentalism]]//,​ 1976, p. 16, as "The Spirit is Willing (to Write)"​. His inspiration was an element in a routine by Elbert L. Gardner, "​Glorious Glorpy",​ in the Oct. 1973 issue of //​[[http://​​display/​37932/​Linking+Ring/​85|The Linking Ring]]//. Elbert didn't use the Glorpy gimmick to simulate the animation of a writing implement, but performed the usual ghost-under-the-handkerchief action on top of a pair of spirit slates, which were then separated to reveal a spirit message. 
-For a detailed history of Glorpy, see "A Brief History of '​It'"​ by Max Maven in the May 2000 issue of //​[[http://​​display/​17759/​Magic+Vol+09+2nd+half/​306|Magic]]//,​ Vol 9 No. 9, p. 78. 
-Also see [[misc:​it_or_the_solid_ghost|It or The Solid Ghost]].