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-====== Mr. Wizard Telephone Test ====== 
-The coding method used was first published by Howard Savage in the June 1929 issue of //[[|The Sphinx]]//, Vol. 28 No. 4, p. 136. Savage's code was employed in a book test using a booklet of poetry with about twenty pages. The page number was transmitted, so that the medium could refer to a duplicate booklet and identify the poem selected. The application of his code to playing cards seems to have been made by William McCaffrey (see John N. Hilliard's //[[|Greater Magic]]//, 1938, p. 566). See the May 1942 issue of //[[|The Sphinx]]// (Vol. 41 No. 3) for J. G. Thompson and Charles Nyquist's survey of telephone test methods, "Thanks to A. G. Bell", p.49. 
-See also [[telephone_codes|Telephone Codes]].