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 +======Obtaining Information by Secret Whispering======
 +The bold idea of learning a spectator'​s mental choice by secretly asking for it in a whisper to him, in an interchange during the performance that the audience does not perceive, is often called Dunninger'​s Ploy and is attributed to Joseph Dunninger. The idea was published in an anonymously authored exposé manuscript marketed to magicians, that documented a performance by Dunninger on January 9, 1927: //​Dunninger'​s Act Complete//, c. 1927; see [[https://​​display/​10543/​Sid+Lorraine+Files+Folder+01+Acts+Professional/​48|"​The Cycle Experiment"​]] on p. 6. This manuscript was reprinted in 1983 as //​Dunninger'​s Act//, by Al Mann Exclusives.