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-====== Pseudo-Psychometry ====== 
-The term "psychometry" was coined by American scientist J. Rhodes Buchanan in 1842. (From the Greek //psyche// = spirit/mind and //metron// = measure, hence "soul-measuring".) 
-As a mentalism plot, it was popularized by Theo Annemann in the June 1935 //[[|Jinx]]//, No. 9, p. 36. However, there is a record of exactly that presentation used by an English medium,  J. Burns, as early as 1885. 
-Also note "Der Hellseher" in F. W. Conradi's //Der Moderne Kartenk├╝stler//, 1896, p. 80; repeated in A. Roterberg's //[[|New Era Card Tricks]]//, 1897, p. 144, as "X-Rays". These are the first published descriptions of a method. The marks were on the outside of the envelopes. Annemann's placement of them inside was more subtle.