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-====== Pseudo-Psychometry by Scent ====== 
-The idea of using scented envelopes as a method for the [[misc:​pseudo-psychometry|Pseudo-psychometry]] effect first seems to have been suggested by Roy Walker in George Armstrong'​s //Card Mysteries//,​ 1933. The principle of scent, applied to a Living and Dead test, was done by Tom Sellers and released in //​[[http://​​display/​18722/​Tricks+That+Work/​13|Tricks That Work]]//, 1927, p. 9. 
-Herbert Milton reported using the principle at that time for a card trick, effect unspecified,​ reported in a news column the //​[[http://​​display/​38817/​The+Magic+Wand/​137|The Magic Wand]]//, Vol. 16 No. 134, June-Sept. 1927, p. 105.