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 +======Hand-to-Hand Switch Under Prop======
 +The idea of switching smaller items (single---or stacks of---cards, envelopes, billets, corners of cards or bills, etc.) under cover of a larger prop (e.g., tray, jumbo card, book, matchbox) while passing that prop from one hand to the other was used in a number of tricks and routines by J. N. Hofzinser. For two examples, see "The Library of German Poetry" in Ottokar Fischer's //J. N. Hofzinser Zauberk√ľnste//, 1942, p. 61; translated into English by Richard Hatch as [[|The Magic of J. N. Hofzinser]], 1985, p. 68; and "The Wonderful Deck" in //[[|J. N. Hofzinser: Non Plus Ultra, Vol. 2]]//, 2004, p. 199; translated into English by Dave Shepherd as //Non Plus Ultra, Vol. 2//, 2013, p. 227. It is unknown if Hofzinser originated this switching concept, but no earlier published instances of it have been found to date.
 +This switching has been reinvented many times. See, for example, Theodore Annemann's "A New Apparatus for the Pellet Switch" in his //[[|Book Without a Name]]//, 1931, p. 38.
 +Don Alan created a related switch, called the "Big Deal" Switch, which incorporates the turning over of the prop, in this case a jumbo card. This switch was the method for his trick, "[[|Big Deal]]", marketed c. May 1963.