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-====== Man Who Was Not There, The ====== 
-Tony Shiels's first contribution to Bascom Jones's //[[|Magick]]// (No. 86, October 19, 1973, p. 427), in which the magician disappears from a Polaroid photo taken by a reporter and posted to himself. The secret was addressing the envelope with disappearing ink and immediately posting a duplicate envelope with second photo. It is mentioned that "the method is simply an extension of George Arrowsmith's clever 'Remote Control Vanish'." The actual title is "Vanishing by Remote Control", and the effect was published in the Dec. 13, 1958 issue of //[[|Abra]]// (Vol. 26, No. 672, p. 339). The solution appeared in the following week's issue (No. 673, p. 360). The method was, again, disappearing ink. The effect was the vanish of several stamps sealed inside a posted envelope.